GAMMA CLEAN's innovative products assist in the control of biological contaminates in your most critical cleanroom environments.

GAMMA CLEAN delivers consistent product performance, quality and cost effectiveness along with strong technical support and services.

The GAMMA CLEANROOM SYSTEM liberates you from the risks associated with the traditional cleaning methods that courted the threat of contamination by relying on non sterile water and cleaning equipment.

Here's how it works: the system utilizes a pre-sterilized mop head, USP 25 purified water (sterile), and a stainless steel mop handle. A double container transport dolly allows for the addition of cleaning concentrates to a sterile water container while accommodating the use of another sterile water container as a rinse. This double container design effectively isolates soiled contaminants from cleaning and disinfecting agents.

The advantage of GAMMA CLEANROOM SYSTEM is its pre-sterilized water, mop head and sterilizable accessories:

  • Eliminate the processes of transporting, re-cleaning, re-sterilizing, and re-filling wash containers, improving productivity and efficacy in use of internal facilities and water utilities.
  • Reduce the risk of cross contamination between facilities.
  • Save time and money by providing a convenient pre-sterilized ready for use product.